Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My update

Well here we are again, no stitching progress pictures. I am sorry. I will have one tomorrow. I did finish the first page of Bed and Breakfast tonight. It is really looking nice.

I just want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and support about college. I have decided to take a semester off, and get back on track. I didn't want to do this, but I needed to, for personal reasons. Mainly I just felt like I was being pulled in so many different directions.

Topping that off I got into a little depression over something so minor that I felt like I just wanted to unsub from all my groups. I had a pity party for myself, but I do feel so much better. Thanks to some good stitching friends. You all are the best.

Not only am I taking the semester off, I am going to enroll into another college in the summer, and go from there. The college that I am attending right now, does not have the best instructors in the world, so I am going to the local community college. I have really thought long and hard about this so I feel 100% better.

Right now I am focusing on myself and my kids, and my stitching. I think that will help me a whole lot.

Sorry for the blah post, and vent.

Well I am off to bed, and will post pictures of Bed and Breakfast.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekly update

Good morning! Well this is Bed and Breakfast as of the 10th. I am so pleased with it. It is coming along. It is about 7 percent done, I can't show that on my percent bars, so it is still showing 5 percent, but it is coming along.

Today I am going to clean the house, and then sit and stitch and vegetate all afternoon. I think I need it. It has been a long week here.

I will bring you up to speed. Well I have been fighting with the management of my apartment complex for about two months, that I didn't owe them any back rent, when they said that I did. Well after going rounds with them, and my attorney, they told my attorney on Thursday night, that they were going to dismiss the case yesterday in court. Well I was so happy, but...... they only way that she would have it dismissed is if I showed up in court yesterday, if I didn't show up, I was going to have to pay the money that she claimed I owed. Well I was not very happy. Nonetheless, I went to court, and it was dismissed, and I don't owe them anything, which I didn't in the first place. I was so stressed, that I had a bad pain in the side of my neck for a whole week.

I am still going to look for another place, I am trying to find a house with at least 4 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms with a den, so that I can have the den or last bedroom for a craft room/office. It would be so nice. My parents have been asking any friends to look and keep them informed.

On the home front besides all that, things are going well. I didn't go to all my classes last week, due to all the drama with the management, but that is okay, my professors were very understanding.

Now today I am stitching and enjoying myself. I am trying to decide if I want to do a movie marathon or what I want to do. That part is still up in the air. We will see. Right now the kids are watching cartoons, and I will stitch and listen to my IPOD.

That is all for now, off to stitch.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Stitching update April 7

Well another week has gone by, and off to work today. It has been a busy week, but a good one. My oldest will be 15 tomorrow, she is so excited about it. I am sort of. I can't believe she will be 15. She is growing up so much. We had her party yesterday, but no pictures. She blew out the candles to fast for me to get a picture. But that is okay, she had a good day.

Stitching wise, I did work on a bit of Bed and Breakfast. I think this will be the last week, I work on this. I need to work on Country Comforts next week. I am missing my quilts. LOL. But they are both looking nice, and I am excited about doing this one for my dad. He asked me yesterday what I was stitching, I had to fib and tell him something else. He has no idea that Bed and Breakfast is for him, and I forgot to hide it.

I think he will love it.

Other than that, just another week, and off to work and college, and all that good stuff. I will be off next Friday, so I can sit and relax, before going to my all day scrapbooking crop on the 19th. I can't wiat, one day away from the kids. It will be so nice. lol. I am bad.

Well time to fix the kids some breakfast. Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bed and Breakfast April 3

Sorry that the picture is a little blurry. My son was asleep on the couch and I didn't want to wake him up by turning on the light.

This is as of last night, it is really looking like a picture. I can't wait to see what it looks like after tonight.

Not a whole lot going on here, just trying to relax. I didn't go to class last night, I was just tired and wanted to relax and take a break, so I stayed home.

I am still looking for another apartment, that is tedious in itself, but I am not going to stop until I find one.

Other than that it is really quiet here. Not a whole lot more to report today.